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Automatically add the bin-directory of your virtualenv to the PATH-environment variable via sitecustomize-entrypoint. You now no longer need to manually activate your virtual environment for the sole purpose of adding thie bin-drectory to your $PATH.

How does it work?

We register the autoadd_bin.entrypoint()-function to the sitecustomize-module that is installed by the sitecustomize-entrypoints-package.

The registered function will look up sys.prefix of your python-executable and add the corresponding bin-directory to the PATH.


Install via pip:

> bin/pip install autoadd-bindir

Or add to your poetry-based project:

> poetry add autoadd-bindir

Validate & Usage

After installing this package there is nothing left to do explicitly. We can validate that the plugin work correctly by starting a python-session and checking the PATH-environment-variable:

> bin/python
>>> import os
>>> print(os.getenv("PATH"))
    "<path-to-your-virtualenv>/bin", ...

Registered sitecustomize-entrypoint

The autoadd_bindir-function is registered as a sitecustomize-entrypoint in our pyproject.toml_:

    autoadd_bindir = "autoadd_bindir:entrypoint"

Sitecustomize and all its registered entrypoints will be executed at the start of every python-process. For more information, please see sitecustomize-entrypoints

Compatibility Version - Implementation

autoadd-bindir works on Python 3.8+, including PyPy3. Tested until Python 3.11,

Notable dependencies